the FishPath engagement process

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FishPath demonstrates fisheries management
is possible regardless of circumstance,
that there is always a path forward.
Jason Cope
Fisheries scientist, NOAA Fisheries

Every fishery requires tailored solutions to achieve sustainable management objectives. The FishPath engagement process uses the FishPath decision-support tool and targeted trainings to empower stakeholders to implement science-based fisheries management. 

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Successful FishPath engagement processes are based on a combination of fisheries science expertise, language skills & cultural connections, along with building trust, transparency, and long-term relationships.


Fisheries Science & Management Expertise

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FishPath processes are grounded in technical & quantitative fisheries science expertise

Language & Cultural Skills

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Communicating with stakeholders in their native language ensures understanding and success.

Consistency & Trust

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On-the-ground, long-term support for coordinating the FishPath process is critical, as well as continuity between workshops and trainings.
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